The GREEN STREET NETWORK (GSN) is a market-driven curated Network of high-performing CleanTech and SmartBuild professionals and organizations with a range of expertise in smart technologies and the “green” or smart built environment.

Connect to the people, companies, and organizations who are driving the marketplace and shaping the future economy. Access targeted business leads and increase your company’s visibility and prominence in your respective field. Learn from Industry Experts and Leaders about state-of-the-art products and services.

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Monthly Smart Building/Smart Cities Networking and Seminar

Quarterly Investor Meetups

The #1 CleanTech and SmartBuild Market-Driven Network


How It Works

☑ Register to become a Member

☑ Complete your Company Profile

☑ Only Premium Members are sanctioned and promoted through GSN and its sales & marketing portal and are allowed to present at GSN Events

☑ To become a Premium Member, apply online

☑ For those who requested Premium Membership, complete the online Premium Membership Application

☑ After Application Approval, acknowledge and sign the Terms & Conditions online.

☑ Pay 1st Quarter or Annual Premium Membership Dues

☑ Market and promote your products and services to other Members through the Members portal.

☑ Invite other trusted CleanTech and SmartBuild professionals into the Network.

☑ Generate and receive qualified business leads

☑ Invest in Prime Membership to receive additional qualified business leads and promotion

☑ Participate as a Panelist or Speaker in a wide range of Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Events in Smart Building and Cleantech Development, Financing and Marketing

☑ Propose additional Events for GSN to Co-Sponsor with Member Company

Premium Membership Dues

☑ $100 per Quarter/$300 per Year for Sole Proprietors.

☑ $250 per Quarter/$900 year for Members with up to $1 Million in Annual Sales.

☑ $350 per Quarter/$1,250 per year for Members with sales between $1 Million up to $2 Million in Annual sales.

☑ $500 per Quarter/$1,500 year for Members with greater than $2 Million in annual sales.