Looking back at 2017 that is soon coming to a close, I am reminded of the Chinese Book of Changes or the I Ching and its Hexagram 3: Chun/Difficulty at the Beginning:

“The name of the hexagram, Chun, really connotes a blade of grass pushing against an obstacle a it sprouts out of the earth.   Times of growth are beset with difficulties.  They resemble a first birth.  But these difficulties arise from the very profusion of all that is struggling to attain form.  If one perseveres there is a prospect of great success.”

It was in 2017 that GreenStreet of NY and its Sales & Marketing Partner Osiris James Group decided to relaunch the GreenStreet Network (GSN).  We decided to initially focus most of our efforts on establishing the CleanTech-Age Expo & Conference, a project previously worked on by Osiris James Group, as GSN’s annual Event.   In what appeared to be a smart business strategy, we met with the Buildings NY Show to explore how we could bring our CleanTech and Smart Building Network and Programming to their Show.  We were not offered a reasonable deal and the failure to reach an agreement put us back on our heels for a number of months.  But we are much too passionate and committed to advancing the CleanTech Marketplace and eventually decided to proceed on our own.  And soon thereafter we were introduced to the NY Hall of Science who made a great offer to host our Expo & Conference.


We are particularly inspired to be holding our Expo at one of the last remaining buildings from the 1964 World’s Fair.  The Hall was built in Googie architectural style, a form of modern architecture, a subdivision of futurist architecture influenced by car culture, jets, the Space Age, and the Atomic Age.  Originating in Southern California during the late 1940s and continuing approximately into the mid-1960s, Googie-themed architecture was popular among motels, coffee houses and gas stations. 

With our venue secured, we reached out to our contacts at NYSERDA to get them involved with our Programming and to provide Sponsorship support which has been secured.  Like the 1964 World’s Fair, we seek to have International participation in the Expo & Conference and to date have reached out to: the German American Chamber of Commerce, French American Chamber, China General Chamber of Commerce and the Danish CleanTech Hub.  While we had originally planned the Expo for October 26th and 27th in 2017, our partners at NYSERDA requested that we reschedule the event for April of 2018.  This extra time has proven very valuable as our international push was just getting started and numerous strong strategic partnerships have been formed in the last few months.  So while we did not run our first Expo & Conference as originally planned, we move forward into 2018 much stronger, clearer about our mission and focus with the fire of passion and commitment to make the year to come a time of extraordinary growth for both GSN and for the CleanTech and Smart Build marketplace.