Global climate change is a topic of hot discussion in many countries, but so far not much has been done to remedy it. Californian governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill by which California needs to produce half of its electricity from renewable sources by the year 2030. The bill was passed as a measure to battle global climate change.

The bill also states a doubling of energy competence in buildings by 2030. Brown also stated that the world needs ‘wean itself off fossil fuels as quickly as possible’ to safeguard our future. The Californian government already have some of the world’s strictest air quality standards, and are already ahead in the matter by 25% as huge solar farms sprouted in the desert and towering windmills went up along mountain passes.

“What has been the source of our prosperity now becomes the source of our ultimate destruction, if we don’t get off it. And that is so difficult”, Brown has said at the signing ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 2015 at the hilltop Griffith Observatory. He also added that ”A decarbonised future is the reason we’re here, what we’re doing here is very important, especially for low-income families”.

Supporters say Californians can keep economizing through repayment and subsidies as they purchase electric vehicles, replace useless light bulbs and appliances, and fix solar panels.