Buying residential solar leads is becoming a popular consideration among installation businesses. And at first it may seem like a good idea.

After all, residential solar is built off of leads – the more you get, the more convert and the more money you make, right?

But in reality, after a few months in the industry, owners quickly realize that the quality of solar lead is the only thing that really matters. Poor quality leads just waste time and money. So the focus shifts towards finding ways to generate solar leads instead of buying them.

And that’s something that lead generation websites just can’t do. There are tons of reason why you shouldn’t buy residential solar leads.

But instead of trying to convince you,

The other day I got curious.

I went to Google and typed in “buying solar leads” – and clicked on the first company that caught my eye. Number 2 position, an innocuous looking site called

But I quickly noticed a dirty secret. And kept finding more and more… I encourage you to go to the site and follow along as I explain:

  1. Notice how EVERY title in the menu, EVERY post in the sidebar, and EVERY heading in EVERY article contains one or more variation of the phrase: ‘solar leads’ or ‘lead generation’?
  2. Notice how the site’s Facebook page has only 8 followers, the Twitter page has only 4, and it’s LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Youtube accounts have no content on them?
  3. Notice how the first paragraph of the home page contains the capitalized phrase ‘Solar Panels’, FOUR times?
  4. And notice how the site does nothing but throw around a bunch of fancy words, without actually communicating anything useful?

It all seems a little strange, doesn’t it? 

Ok – so maybe their writer had a bad day… and forgot to post content on their social media pages… and forgot to promote their pages.

But what happens when you give them a call?

A friendly man on the phone picks up and answers, “Where are you coming from?”

“California,” I lied, “How much do your leads costs for my residential solar installation business?”

He explained that he generates cold leads from telemarketing for $65/ea, and ‘warm’ leads from print ads or pay per click ads (PPC) for $85/ea.

I tried to ask what qualifies the print or PPC ads as a ‘warm lead’. I thought maybe I could put my logo or branding or something – but he quickly explained that he would only need my company name and my 1-800 number, which was apparently very important.

Why does the site read so strangely? Why does he have no social media following? Why is my 1-800 number so important?

What’s really going on here?

In short, he’s using a tactic called ‘keyword stuffing’, whereby he repeats phrases like “buying solar leads” over and over again to get his website on the front page of Google – so that solar installers like you will click on it. And just like his cheap search ranking tactics, the way he generates his solar leads is no different.

Telemarketing for solar leads is nothing more than asking a series of ‘qualifying questions’ to random home owners (explained further in the next case study). If the right combination of answers is given – he sells the name and phone number to you for $65.

You may as well hire high school student to do that. He can probably get 5-10 ‘hits’ per hour – and his wage wouldn’t cost you more than $20.

And his print and PPC ads? Well, same way he got you to click on his site by gaming the search engine system, you bet he’s going to game home owners the same way. Just a guess – but I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts your 1-800 number next to some text that says “free solar installation”.

Ok – maybe that’s a bit far. But either way – it’s going to cost you $85 every time someone calls that number. Why? Because that’s a ‘warm’ solar lead.

I wouldn’t spend a dime on this site. Let’s move on.

P.S. PPC Ads are a great option for generation 100% exclusive leads for your business… If you know what you’re doing. We offer PPC solar lead generation campaigns here.